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SEPT 2022 Intimate Politics in Anglophone Women’s Writing conference programme

Friday September 23, 2022
Keynote speaker Maria Tamboukou University of East London

Saturday September 24, 2022
Keynote Speaker: Jennifer Cooke (Loughborough University)

You can find the abstracts and our participants’ bios in the attached document

Conference programme Intimate Politics in Anglophone Women’s Writings

Université Paris Nanterre bâtiment Max Weber September 23-24 2022
Organizers Claire Bazin & Valérie Baisnée, CREA Paris Nanterre ; Nicoleta Alexoae-Zagni, Paris 8 Transcrit ; Corinne Bigot, Toulouse Jean Jaurès CAS ; Stephanie Genty Every SLAM ; Nathalie Suado-Welby Picardie Jules Verne Corpus.

FRIDAY September 23
9am-9.20– Coffee & registration in conference room
9.20 – Opening Address

Workshop 1 Narrative Intimacy (1)
Chair: Corinne Bigot
9.30-10.00 Elisabeth Bouzonviller (St Etienne Jean Monnet): Female and Cherokee resilience in Betty by Tiffany McDaniel
10.00-10.30 Cedric Courtois ( Lille): Narrative Intimacy and Empowerment in three Nigerian Female Bildungsromane
10.30- 11. Héloïse Thomas (Lyon 3 & Bordeaux): “Meeting between the Dry Hours”: Lesbian Intimacies and Queer
Timelessness in Contemporary Poetry

Coffee Break 11-11.20

Workshop 2 Narrative Intimacy (2)
Chair: Valérie Baisnée
11.20-11.50 : Ana Carvalho : Lonely Hunters: Intimacy Between (Queer) Women in My Autobiography of Carson McCullers
11.50- 12.20 Floriane Joseph: Lang Leav: navigating the tensions of intimacy as an ‘Instapoet-ess’

Lunch 12.30-14

2.15pm-3.00 pm Chair Corinne Bigot Keynote speaker : Maria Tamboukou U of East London: Epistolary narratives of love, gender and agonistic politics

Coffee Break 3.15-3.30

Workshop 3 Pleasures and Perils of Intimacy
Chair Stephanie Genty
3.30-4.00 Noémi Albert: The Human Connection: Cases of Intimacy and Shame in Emma Donoghue’s Touchy Subjects (2006)
4.00-4.30 Johanna Hoorenman: The Life and Afterlives of Harriette Wilson, Courtesan
4.30-5.00 Valentina Rapetti: The Black Seamstress in the Attic: Intimacy as Pleasure and Peril in Lynn Nottage’s Intimate Apparel


Workshop 4 Reconfiguring Space
Chair Stephanie Genty
9.30 -10.00 Laura Michiels: Familial Territory Reconsidered in Naomi Wallace’s Night Is a Room 10-10.30 Leslie de Bont: Feminist recompositions of space in Cridge’s “How would you Like it?” (1870) and Hossain’s “Sultana’s Dream”(1905)
10.30-11.00 Mariana Pujol: Spaces of grief and Joy in The Gates Ajar (1868)

Coffee break 11.00-11.20

Workshop 5 Intimate politics of Space
Chair Nicoleta Alexoae-Zagni
11.20-11.50 Martina Domines Veliki: Intimacy and Poverty in Kerry Hudson’s Lowborn: Growing Up, Getting Away
11.50- 12.20 Sabrina Zerar (University of Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria): Intimate Spaces of Colonial Algeria through the Eyes of Mid-Nineteenth-Century British Women Travel Writers
12.20612.50 Cristina Stanciu: The Intimate Politics of Empire: Child Removal and Indigenous Women’s Writing

Lunch 12.50-2PM

Keynote speaker 2 hair Valérie Baisnée 2.0062.45 Jennifer Cooke: Sexual Politics in the New Audacity of Contemporary Life-Writing

Coffee break

Workshop 6 Empowering the female body
Chair Nathalie Saudo-Welby
3.0063.30Christina Dokou: Fur, Intimate Apparel, and Naked Power: The Politics of Clothing
in Two Contemporary American Minority Playwrights
3.3064.00 Christelle Ha Soon-Lahaye: Reclaiming the Female Body: Unveiling Intimacy in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye and Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior
4.0064.30 Aurore Montheil: The Intimate Politics of Rape Narratives in M Kandasamy’s The Gypsy Goddess and When I Hit You, Or, A Portrait of the Writer as a Young Wife (2017) and A. Roy’s The Ministry of Utmost Happiness
4.3065.00 judith Schreier: The Size of My Body is a Simple Fact”: Intimacy, Autotheory, and Whiteness in Fat Activist Life Writing

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